Colorado Arms Repair offers FFL transfers for $25.00 per firearm. The FFL transfer is the service of receiving the firearm, processing the firearm and doing the back ground check. Colorado Arms Repair accepts no responsibility for the condition of the firearm and will not be liable for return shipping costs. ( That is between You, The person that is selling or transferring the firearm to you and the shipping company)

Once Colorado Arms Repair signs for a firearm it becomes the property of Colorado Arms Repair until all paperwork and background check is complete. No firearm will be handed over to anyone for any reason until all paper work is complete and the background check has been approved.

Yes, Colorado Arms Repair will do private transfers. Personal transfers are $25.00 Per Firearm in the shop.

HB-1228 went into effect on March 20, 2013. It requires a $15.00 fee to be collected during the sale of a firearm in Colorado.

Universal background checks (HB-1229) states private sales of firearms are subject to a background check conducted by a licensed firearms dealer. This law will go into effect on July 1, 2013

FFL Transfers

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Effective 2/1/2018 Colorado Bureau of Investigation has raised their FEE again!

My new fee listing is below.