These are just some of the basic gun repairs and services available for your firearms. Our machine shop area is now operational. We can handle everything from general servicing of your guns, to manufacturing out dated parts for that gun that fits your hand so well, but you can't find the parts to repair it.

Inspecting & troubleshooting

Strip Clean & Inspect

Cerakote Finishes

Smoothing and tuning a revolver action

Sight Installation & Adjustments

Stock repair or replacement

Swivel installation

Repairs to receiver

Recoil pad replacement

Trigger Assy. Repair / fitting

Bedding a barrel / action

FFL Transfers

Repair or replace firing pin

Monday : Closed
Tuesday 10:am - 6: pm
Wednesday 10: am - 6: pm
Thursday 10:am - 6: pm
Friday 10: am - 6: pm
Saturday 10:am - 3: pm
Sunday : Close

Just Some of our Basic Services.

All repairs and modifications are tested before your firearm leaves the shop. Due to licensing and insurance regulations we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

Colorado Arms Repair
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